Natural Gas Compression

State-of-the-art alternative fuel conversion services

We know how important it is for individuals and fleet managers to control their vehicle operating costs while keeping them in peak condition. If not properly managed, maintenance costs can quickly spiral out of control. Switching to natural gas helps avoid these problems while reducing your footprint on the environment.

Compressed natural gas provides a proven, commercially available option to reduce carbon emissions using lower cost fuel. Today, cars can be purchased with a factory installed compressed natural gas kit sitting under the hood or vehicles can be converted to bi-fuel natural gas/gasoline operation using our advanced conversion technology.

With CNG, we are getting a fuel option that is not only cheaper but also cleaner, safer and much more efficient than what has been used in the past. Our sister company, Hi-Tech Auto Care, specializes in dual-fuel and dedicated CNG Conversions on:

  • Pickup trucks, vans, cars (dual-fuel)
  • Ice Resurfacers – Olympia, Zamboni (dedicated)
  • Forklifts (dedicated)


Ice resurfacers  – known commonly under the brand names Zamboni® and Resurfice Corp.’s Olympia line – can also run on CNG. With CNG ice resurfacers, skating rink and arena air quality is greatly improved by virtually eliminating the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Emissions are reduced by up to 90 percent over conventional models and the need to exhaust the arena air is reduced significantly, making operation ultimately more economical – not to mention healthier. And with an octane rating of 130, natural gas burns more completely than other fuels.

Our line of 9.8 CFM compressors is geared towards refuelling for arenas and fork truck facility’s. if maintained properly on our monthly preventative maintenance inspection these compact but powerful units will pump  41625 M³ before its first scheduled  valve replacement.

With state of the art Electronic temperature compensation, a fully calibrate able gas detection system with fan interlock, and highly skilled technicians its not hard to see why Hi-Tech Fuel Systems Inc. is quickly becoming the number one choice for Indoor and fleet CNG Refuelling.

Defuelling Units

We can create a virtual pipeline with CNG by bringing it to places where gas is not available and running it through our Defuelling Units, these units take the high-pressure gas and bring them back down to pipeline pressures. do anything from running your household  or even boosting the efficiency of equipment that demands a higher pressure 


Geared towards both indoor & outdoor applications for forklifts making CNG fuelling easy.

As the cleanest alternative fuel for IC propane engines available today, CNG-fueled forklifts reduce carbon monoxide emissions up to 95 percent over conventional propane-based forklifts – meaning no more headaches and no smell of propane. Natural gas is safer than propane especially for indoor applications, as propane produces about 1.40 grams per mile of carbon monoxide. With cleaner burning natural gas, forklift operators and fellow workers are exposed to considerably less emissions. Cleaner indoor air also means less air changes and lower heating bills.

Additional bonuses of CNG for forklifts
  • Get up to 30% more out of each fill up, with no need to switch tanks you  will not lose out on any fuel left inside the cylinder
  • Engines stay much cleaner
  • Refuelling is much easier and safer then LPG
  • Because your CNG compressor is on site no more cost of trucking in your forklift fuel our system will compress it and store it on site at your facility.

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