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Providing leading alternative fuel solutions for over 30 years

Hi-Tech Fuel Systems is an alternative fuel solutions company dedicated to providing customers with the latest in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) technology to reduce our carbon footprint safely and efficiently. From single, low-flow compressors to tandem compressor, fast-fill refueling stations, we can handle all requirements of an installation.

Brad Vodden, President and Chris Burlock, Vice President of Hi-Tech Fuel Systems, Combined have over 40 years of experience in CNG compressor installation, maintenance, and alternative fuel conversions.  
We strive to move forward in the CNG industry by keeping positive, ongoing relationships with our customers by providing them with top-quality products and services for their private or public fueling station requirements.

We are a registered TSSA contractor with RSI/G3/G2/ICE/ICE-P licencing and we also work along with an engineering firm that specializes in Class 1 Division 2 equipment for hazardous locations.

Our History

Hi-Tech Fuel Systems and Hi-Tech Auto Care are owned and operated by Brad Vodden. In the 1980s, Hi-Tech Auto Care ventured into becoming one of the leading conversion and repair shops for propane and natural gas in the London, Ontario area.

For over 30 years, Hi-Tech has been a pioneer in compressed natural gas (CNG) conversions by providing reliable and highly-respected service.

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