CNG Equipment

State-of-the-art compressed natural gas equipment

Compressed Natural Gas Equipment

Hi-Tech Fuel Systems sells and services a variety of compressed natural gas equipment including Kioshi Compression. We also offer tested and certified used CNG equipment. Talk to us today about your CNG equipment requirements.

CNG Equipment

CNG Compressors

We offer single compressor units from 5 SCFM to tandem units with 150 SCFM as standard equipment packages. We also offer custom compressor packages if more than 150 SCFM is required.

Temperature Compensation Systems

Our state of the art temperature compensation systems compensate the fill pressure to your vehicle automatically to safely give you the maximum allowable pressure that your CNG tanks are rated for according to the ambient temperature of where the vehicle is being fueled.


From low flow single hose dispensers to high flow twin hose dispensers, we install and calibrate in accordance with TSSA and Measurement Canada’s specifications.

CNG Cylinders

We offer our customers certified high-quality parts that have adhered to the strict guidelines set out by CSA, TSSA and ESA. Hi-Tech Fuel Systems is also the authorized distributor for Kioshi Compression. Kioshi manufactures steel NGV cylinders to Canadian and international standards.

Used CNG Equipment

We offer a variety of used compressed natural gas equipment. Contact our sales team for current stock information.

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