CNG Conversions

State-of-the-art alternative fuel conversion services

Natural gas conversion

We know how important it is for individuals and fleet managers to control their vehicle operating costs while keeping them in peak condition. If not properly managed, maintenance costs can quickly spiral out of control. Switching to natural gas helps avoid these problems while reducing your footprint on the environment.

Compressed natural gas provides a proven, commercially available option to reduce carbon emissions using lower cost fuel. Today, cars can be purchased with a factory installed compressed natural gas kit sitting under the hood or vehicles can be converted to bi-fuel natural gas/gasoline operation using our advanced conversion technology.

With CNG, we are getting a fuel option that is not only cheaper but also cleaner, safer and much more efficient than what has been used in the past. Our sister company, Hi-Tech Auto Care, specializes in dual-fuel and dedicated CNG Conversions on:

  • Pickup trucks, vans, cars (dual-fuel)
  • Ice Resurfacers – Olympia, Zamboni (dedicated)
  • Forklifts (dedicated)

Photo of fleet vehicles